Sunday, March 10, 2013

Buchwald Makes a Basket!!!

Julia improved in her basketball skills this season SOOO much and, even better, she is!!! Lori is a PHENOMENAL coach and the whole season was really positive and fun. Lori was trying to get Julia all set up throughout the season to make one of her shots...she finally did on the last game..whoop whoop!!!

At the banquet, this one was walking around with her trophy all wrapped and bouncing lightly and rocking it like you would a baby...
 This one said to me in the parent/kid game, "Don't let my cuteness fool you" in a trash talking kind of way (with her hair in curly, whirly, cutesie, wutesie piggy tails that day...)...


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  1. Yay, for J! That is a BIG DEAL! Give her a high 5 from me.