Saturday, July 20, 2013

Girl Scout Camp

J went to daycamp for a week. She was tentative about the whole thing but had a buddy coming with her which made it easier to go. She LOVED it... it was a Survivor theme so they had challenges. These are from the last day when they had their final challenge and closing ceremony. Nobody got voted off the island this time, whew!

 The whole "fifth ( she really in the FIFTH grade?) grade tribe.

 Being a camper...

 They learned some stuff... AWESOME!

 Obstacle course...

Just like on the show, there was a "gross food challenge". During the week, they had a challenge where one tribe member had to eat octopus. Shya was enthusiastic about that.. she is a VERY adventurous eater. ON the last challenge, all tribe members did all challenges and they had to eat something "marshmallow like" but was NOT a marshmallow. ????

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