Saturday, August 6, 2011

POTD Day 125: Not Planking....Artrageous!

I took Julia and Lalie to Artrageous today-it is Auburn's celebration of ART. There are booths, entertainment and lots of projects for kids to do. I dread these things since I have a bigger aversion to crowds, finding parking, waiting in lines with lots of invasion of personal space,etc.. as I get older. It was really not bad at all. It is worth doing these things for smallfry! We drove right up, waited minimally in lines and the girls made a lot of neat stuff and got to play at that cool park they have (Les Gove Park). First shot is of J doing chalk art-there was a woman there doing some AMAZING replicas of  real art pieces on the sidewalk...what a shame that it will fade away when it rains. the other shot is of one of the booths where the kids put wax on a board in an artistic way-I am sure that there is an official art name for that technique..Lalie did it and it was cool!


  1. What a fun celebration!! Love the second shot! I'm not so big on the crowds either, but I never have been. I deal though... for the kids!! =P

  2. So glad to hear the kiddo isn't planking! What is up with that, anyway?!
    She's having a great summer. Love your neighborhood.