Thursday, December 1, 2011

POTD Day: 215: Cool moon...

Hi there! Remember me? I am Heidi, your hostess of Heidi has a Hobby. I haven't been taking as many pictures these last few weeks. I feel TIRED and do also tend to get a little funky when I don't see the light of day many days during the week. No excuses but that is it. 

I am taking Kent Weakley's Night Photography Class. I haven't gotten very deep into it yet but did get out the tripod and took some shots of the moon. I envisioned that second shot but got the, what I think, is happy surprise of the moon with a cloud of clouds around it. I need to get a shutter release or to put my camera on the timer-some other shots I took of xmas lights, etc.. showed some shake, even while using the tripod. Ah, well. We are gearing up for a very busy weekend. Details about that later. 

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