Sunday, February 19, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday and last POTD!!! 361-365

Wow-I have been taking a "photo a day" (sort of) for a year. There was a photo for everyday of that year but these last couple of months have been batch posted... I am loving photography and will continue to learn and grow in this area, as well as blogging... I am liking the "one photo per week" deal going on over at My 3 Boy Barbarians...Here we go with the Scavenger Hunt....

Love: I love these two who both love Angry Birds and Plants vs. Zombies...and excuse me, but when did my daughter grow up? She looks way grown up to me in these shots...

Duplicated: Yum! We celebrated my dad's birthday today...

Trending: The peace sign jacket and the droid smartphone... 

Paper: All of the gifts were made of paper... don't you love it when kids feel like they have to write their last name even to their loved ones on gift labels? 

Plastic: The shoes are plastic... they are the "I gotta run outside to do something" shoes-always by the door. I gotta go and clean my slider now... no judgement please!!!


  1. Love those pictures with your daughter - sweet.

  2. pics of your daughter watching? showing? your dad how to use the computer are priceless... what a demonstration of LOVE. It's a treat to find out I'm not the only one who keeps two sets of shoes at the door. PLASTIC clogs are great for tent camping too - you slip them off before putting your feet in the tent.

  3. Fun shots, looks like a great birthday! I especially love that last shot, such a cute pup, and great alignment of shoes. (My Mom and her grandkids also LOVE to play Angry Birds on her iPad.)

  4. happy birthday Ed! and I can't believe you've finished your Project 365!! such a great feeling, huh?