Thursday, February 24, 2011


So....being a newbie and having had the day off from school today due to snow, I have been perusing lots of blogs and totally loving (and finally understanding) the photo challenge concept!

So, I had promised my daughter a trip to Justice since she had some allowance money saved up-it made sense to go today since there would be no crowds in the mall. So we went. Justice is like crack for little girls but that is for another day... while J was looking at all the crap quality merchandise, one of the challenges I had run into on the blogs flew into my head and I began snapping away. The theme was "Colorful"-I went a little nuts in there with it but narrowed what I am posting to 2 shots. I love the soccer ball one best.. I have since learned that the challenge was over last week but I am just going to pretend it is still on since I went to the trouble and all...

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