Sunday, February 27, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

1. Capture the Sky

I have to admit that I took this picture a few months ago-the sky was NOT looking too great this weekend... so I pulled this one out. I cropped it a bit and messed a little with the contrast.

 2. Everyday

I kind of like how this looks with a few of the colors popping out.

3. Furry

This makes me chuckle-it looks like Hogan is just sitting there, ready to have his portait taken. It was always hard to get a good picture of him with a point and shoot-he is so dark and I couldn't see anything but his outline and a lot of black fur.

4. Life

This is not a beautiful plant right now but I do like how the soft focus and colors made it look like the "life" that was trying to sprout out during the ugliness of Winter stood out.

5. Blurred

More messing around in the editing program.

Look at other peoples' interpretations of these categories or you could join in for next week. The categories for next week are:
  1. Diptych
  2. Book
  3. Fill in the Blank: When I think about how ______________ is in the _______________, I just have to ______________.
  4. A Taste of Italy
  5. Reminders


  1. Great photos!
    Logan looks annoyed haha. my dogs literally groan when they see me pull out my camera!

  2. Love the sky shot! All great interpretations this week!

  3. These are great - your first shot is wonderful.

  4. Your pics look great! You're too good for me already. :) I'm going to need to take a full load of classes to catch up. Awesome!

  5. Oops! Didn't realize I was logged in as "masta_pete"! Luckily, I'm sure he agrees.