Sunday, March 20, 2011

Photography Class Week 2

This week was all about exploring light. Since light is pretty much the most important thing about photography-specifically, being aware of what the natural lighting is and how it will affect your picture... again, SOOC (no edits allowed)..and no flash at all. I shot this mug with light coming from behind the mug, from the side and from behind me. All of it was indirect light and I think I like the middle one (with light coming from the side) best.

The collage is in response to the assignment of going to and exploring it to find images that I like and make a collage of them. I chose subjects that I love (kids, dogs, water, flowers) and styles that I like. There is a LOT to see there and it is really great for me to view others' work there. That site also shows all of the settings on the camera for the shot-very helpful for people learning about what is what... Outdoor shots will be taken to finish my work for the week-I just need to do it when we have light and it is supposed to be sunny tomorrow-Yeeeeee hawwwwwww!!!!

1. shot with oly e-30 fl-50r from left bounced off the background 1/16th trigg. with on board flash, 2. Color de niƱo, tonalidad de inocencia, 3. Rose / Flower / yellow flower / yellow rose / Close up of two yellow rose (yellow flower) petals / Yellow Rose Flower/ yellow flower / Macro / water drops / nature / - IMG_8490, 4. Happy Furry Friday :)
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