Saturday, March 19, 2011

POTD Day 1

 I have officially decided to do a picture of the day project! What better way to get used to my camera and learn all kinds of stuff about it and editing. Documenting life is another great reason to do this. I may have to go one week at a time or a couple of days, we will just see how it goes.

Here is Day 1-My girl LOVES the book fair at school and it is coming up this week since we have conferences. She normally has at least one chore everyday to earn her allowance each week but during "bookfair time", I will pay her for extra chores so she can get some additional book fair funds. Mind you, she seriously does, once in awhile, go out and clean the car out, do the windows and vacuum it out...this day, it was for money.

I love her spirit so much!
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