Monday, March 14, 2011

Photography Class-Week One

So, this class is perfect for me-very basic and has assignments that aren't too overwhelming to do in a week.

This week we learned about the "rule of thirds", use of negative space and taking close up, creative shots. We were not allowed to edit them, but had to upload them "sooc" (straight out of camera) except for the flower close up shot...It about killed me to do that-I am just learning the editing process but really count on being able to crop and change the lighting (I just fiddle until it looks good to me)... We did a set of 3 of one object and a set of 3 of a portrait session but I won't post those since they are REALLY bad examples and show how much I really do have to learn about composing the shot while taking the picture (versus just editing afterward). 

I will post a picture of a close up of a flower which I I kinda like even though it is of a primrose and I don't love those... there are not a lot of flowers out right now around here.

I am also learning about those blasted lenses-I thought that I should use the zoom lens for a close up but my 55-300mm didn't let me get close enough so I went with the 35mm one and got closer but still not as close as I think I should be able to get.

You likey?

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