Sunday, March 13, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

1. Vanishing Point

2. Square Crop

This was taken at our weekly extra recess that is given to 5th and 6th graders that earn it throughout the week. 2 of my teammates are reading a confiscated note wondering what kind of juicy 12 year old gossip could be going on. NOT-they were talking about who was going to be on what "Battle of the Books" team! BORING!!!! (But of course good....).

3. Under

Feet under kitchen bar, shorts under skirt, and all of it under the umbrella of interesting fashion choices...

Photography love...

4. Welcome to the Jungle

So the jungle is the got kids playing a game and some mean girls in the background..the funny thing is, that those girls are SO not like that... I was just trying to get an action shot of the four square game and playing with my camera....I do realize that this is a loose interpretation.

5. Calm

I was all ready to take a cool and calm shot tonight at my dad's house-he lives on a houseboat and there would be infinite photo opps if it hadn't been a torrential downpour the entire visit! So...sleeping child is calm and calming!!!


  1. Your under photo is adorable. Great shot!

  2. I love calm and vanishing pt!

  3. tivo remote? love it and what a great shot, love all the other photos too

  4. great shots! Love the vanishin point!

  5. Great shots! Love your vanishing point and under shots... and too funny about the "juicy" note! =)

  6. Great job - love your interpretation for under!

  7. Cute under shot! I love my tivo but I've never thought about taking a pic of the remote. Clever vanishing point.

  8. Great shots...what a fun under shot! :)

  9. thanks for the nice comment - your photos are great! I'm with everyone else, I love the under shot!