Wednesday, April 6, 2011

POTD Day 18- in MANUAL Mode Baby!!!!

The picture you are about to view may just look like a boring old shot from my family room, and it kind of is... BUT, being on Spring Break and all, I have had time to REALLY spend time with BGC. I was reading one of my books and, after pulling up my big girl panties, put that mode dial on MANUAL, gulp! This is a big deal (as labeled in the picture). I guess I have been in "manual" mode before but today, I actually had ideas about how to decide on some settings (on a VERY basic level). More than anything, I feel hopeful that I CAN learn how to do this eventually since I have learned so much that was way overwhelming to me not so long ago.

Enjoy.... Note: the color in my family room doesn't feel like it feels in this picture to me.... it is lighter/brighter in the pic than it is in real life....

As always.... "Feel free to follow"! :)

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