Thursday, April 7, 2011

POTD Day 18: Vegetable Medley.....

I LOVE being on Spring Break! We got up early (which I didn't enjoy as much...) to take the dog to the vet for teeth cleaning. For the rest of the day, smallfry and I went shopping and hung out and had a LOT of fun together. For part of our time, we drove up to Seattle met my dad for lunch. We went downtown and ate at the Washington Athletic Club which J thought was Fancy with a capital F. It was great to see my dad (he is everyone's role model for retirement and travels the world and dives and plays tennis and whatever the heck else he feels like doing...) and especially the relationship that he has with my girl.. SO sweet. Anyway, we went to Whole Foods after that. OH MY GOD..that place is amazing! I felt like a better person just walking through there.. everything is organic, grass fed, natural.... I really wish there was one down here but, oh well. I was snapping pictures of the huge mounds of veggies-it was a bounty I say! I didn't like the shots when I viewed them on the computer just because they looked like a bunch of pictures of rows of vegetables...zzzzzzzzz. So.. I made a patchwork quilt of sorts with cropped pieces of my pictures. Something about all those textures and bright colors. And I can name all but 2 of those veggies-can you?

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  1. You are inspiring me to take a photography class. This is amazing!!

    Michelle Peeples

  2. You have a gift for this!!

  3. That looks awesome - and tasty too!