Friday, April 8, 2011

POTD Day 19 Stairs to Nowhere....

What a fun afternoon/evening! Julia and I got into "Homer", the Peto's new Honda Odyssey, for a drive with Erica and Lydia. It was like old times-Erica and I used to go out and about and look at houses, go shopping, find garage sales, eat lunch, etc... The purpose of our drive today was for me to see the features of the new car-it is NICE and my daughter now has "mini van envy"... it is all, "the Peto's car has a sun roof", "The Peto's car has a DVD player in it", "The Peto's car, the Peto's car, the Peto's car...". She is gonna have to live with our 10 year old Subaru Outback  that has a bunch of crap in it and only 3 windshield wiper settings for a few more years! :)

Anyway, along our drive, we scoped out a new housing development that was started and is now being worked on again. The sidewalks, roads, utilities,2 play parks and fitness obstacle course were completed long ago but the houses are just now starting to be built. We saw these stairs and I took some pics outside the window of the car and we called them the "Stairs to Nowhere". They are a cool shape but I do sort of wonder how that design decision was made about those stairs...

A separate paragraph must be made about the SUN coming out today! It affects me physically.... Even though it was still pretty chilly out, I will take it-the SUN was out for a bit!!!! 

As always... "Feel free to follow"!

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