Wednesday, April 13, 2011

POTD Day 24 Easter Bling and Art Class

J is taking this neat art class for kids. The focus is on painting and they do some COOL projects. Tonight was rough though since, when we got in the car to leave, J cried and felt like her drawing skills "were not as good as EVERYONE else's"... I gave her the "art is personal, there is no right or wrong, you are EIGHT years old for the love of god, and getting so you are really happy with your skills in anything takes LOTS of practice" lectures and by bedtime, she felt a little better. 

 On the way home, we saw this house all blinged out for Easter. It looked cheery and springy and I like the looks of that tree for some reason so I took a shot through the car window. They get the "Captain Holiday" award for this neighborhood!

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