Thursday, April 14, 2011

POTD Day 25 A Stretch....

Whew! A picture a day for 365 days? It is not always easy to find stuff to take pictures of...easy on days where I am out and about but on days that I am exhausted and just want to get home and do my chores and then VEG out... a bit more difficult! So, I find myself walking around the house looking for stuff to capture from different angles and whatnot... but this is only day 25! 

This is of our family piano. It has been in my mom's family since my grandma was a child and it has been moved around a LOT. The piano guy who came to tune it made me feel like a neglectful piano mama-he was the CPS for pianos..seriously, I felt kind of bad (only kind of since I am not the only bad piano caretaker that this piano has had)... This is its last home and my daughter will hopefully take lessons again sometime but for now, it is just a pretty piece of furniture. 

I added Kim Klassen's "pumpkin grunge" and "history" textures at LOW opacity to just soften it a bit. 

Til tomorrow my peeps, when it is Friday.... ahhhhh!

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