Saturday, May 7, 2011

POTD Day 45 Girl Scout/Mom afternoon out!

We gathered the troop with everyone's mama and drove to Dawn's Candy and Cake in Kirkland (on Cyndi's recommendation and after getting half price on our class from Living Social) and did a candy making session. It was FUN! First, you choose your mold....

and then, you sit and add chocolate in pretty much any color to the mold to create your own  original molded chocolate creation. The deal is that you get to use the mold one time while you are there using the chocolate that they provide and then take it home and keep it. But, after we were done, they encouraged us to keep on going with our candy making since they would have to throw the chocolate away after we left anyway so it became a girl scout candy making factory of sorts. Cyndi and Shya had been here before with their fam and they had mad candy making skills and we all hailed to them. Annette others had natural skill even though they had never set foot in the place before. The candy looked really pretty/cool/yummy/colorful and we had a really fun and creative experience together!
So after about 2 hrs at the candy place, off we all went to the Mexican Restaurant. Would you like to enjoy your meal in any proximity to this energy?

They were actually really great and had a lot of fun chatting it up at the little girls' table... the big girls had plenty to gab about as well! 

My heart is mush when it comes to thinking about all the memories these girlies are building together... it is so fun to take them places and do the fun things we do... aren't they cute? 

But the picture of the day for me, HAS to be this one... 

Too bad that they don't get along, huh? :)

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