Sunday, May 8, 2011

POTD Day 46 PHotography Class shots...

Both of these shots were taken for my photography class and I really like how they both turned out. They both were also taken today so they represent the CRAZY weather we are having here... raining in the am and sunny in the pm... but I am not complaining-we got to see some SUN!!! I spent all week exploring Aperature and next week it is all about the shutter (makes me shudder...hehe). Seriously-I had a hard time dealing with the shutter last time I took a class.... It REALLY helps me learn when I just take a TON of pictures... still loving it all... Happy Mother's Day to y'all!! xoxo


  1. So fun to see all of your great photos!
    Who knows I may need a back up photographer soon....interested?

    Happy Mothers belated Mothers Day!

  2. I am SO not worthy Patty! I am learning and lot and having you have a blog also?