Monday, May 9, 2011

POTD Day 47 Fast Shutter Speed

I know that this picture is "no biggie"...nothing fancy or especially exciting. BUT-it was taken in manual mode which I am trying to learn. I don't know how to evaluate the exposure well yet-this looks good to me...maybe it is a smidge underexposed...I will see what "teach" says! We are working on the shutter speed in the photog class and this one has a FAST shutter speed so the bike rider, who was moving past me fairly quickly for a little whippersnapper, looks like she is standing still. I know that you can hardly wait but soon, I will be doing a SLOW shutter speed. That should be fun if I can pull off a nighttime shot with car lights going by..who wants to drive by my house when it is really dark out..anyone? Anyone?

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