Tuesday, May 10, 2011

POTD Day 48 Ordinary Beauty

So, I thought that I took a lot of photos before but now I am taking like 200 in order to get a few good shots. Of course, I am working on the most difficult challenge in the class...the "slow shutter-blur" shot... I have had kids jumping, dogs running, cars driving and am about to get some water running... still not TOTALLY pleased with anything..there are a few cool ones but it is tricky to get a face in focus but part of the shot blurred with intention. Then there has to be the right amount of blur and if anything is off (remember that all the exposure stuff is new to me as well...), then you do the whole thing over. My child will be sleeping well tonight..some neighbor kids will be as well. 

So, in the midst of not getting THE shot for the slow blur, I realized that I didn't have a photo of the day yet so went for another challenge for my class. This challenge is to get some items from around the house and make a nice composition using ordinary things. AND WE COULD EDIT!!! Yesss.......

This is of my "writing utensil pouch" inspired by CHANDRA! I love the concept..you have the pouch full of sharp pencils with perfect erasers, a few GOOD pens and then these awesome Sharpie markers to always have a pleasant writing experience wherever you are. BUT, I find that I don't want to use them in case I get them all messed up. Hmmmm....Anyway, I took a gazillion shots of the markers in different configurations and liked this one best. My daughter, who LOVES office supplies saw it and wanted me to frame one for her room. I think I will make some kind of "wall o office supplies" pictures for her. 

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