Friday, May 20, 2011

POTD Day 56 SuperStar Recess!

We had just finished watching the school play and this girl, who is one of my students was in it as a Beatnik! We took the kids out to recess after the performance and this one, in her costume was in prime form today... She is a really neat kid-so quiet and seemingly shy but has SO much personality right beneath the surface that comes out when you get to know her. I remember thinking what a bummer it was that I got someone in the background but I like him being there too.. it is RECESS for the love of god and kids are all over the place!

Okay... I had to fiddle with Photoshop and get "Joshy Bear" out of there (or is that D like Schlecht thinks?)... anyway... then I got rid of the covered area and the fence...

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