Saturday, May 21, 2011

POTD Day 57: Inspiration Board

One of my assignments this week was to put a bunch of inspirational photos into a mosaic... this entails going to, perusing the gazillions of photos to choose favorites for inspiration. I did the same process for another of Faith's classes that I took and those were chosen purely from a "that's neat, I really like it" type place and many of these were chosen for some photographic feature that I wanted to remember or liked. Example: that macro of the fuschia and how it looks like it is JUST the flower since the background is white... or the wideness of the scene (not the technical term...) in that one of the water washing ashore...

Flickr is a great site for people like me, learning about photography. You can see all the camera settings for each shot...

1. the exotic beauty. . . ., 2. Untitled, 3. 現在知道我要拍她,會對鏡頭做怪表情, 4. "HERE'S LOOKING AT YOU KID" EXPLORED #54 18/5, 5. Untitled, 6. Crinan, 7. Dog day afternoon, 8. Dog Daydreams, 9. red swoosh, 10. Abby in the Clouds, 11. The usual Siskin squabble., 12. Gokarna, 13. Calblanque, 14. Imagine..., 15. week 3. portrait challenge., 16. Simply Bliss: Wk4 Portrait Challenge edit2, 17. feb 2011hannah soaks up some sun, 18. little Om, 19. Dwarfed by a Tree, 20. Bottoms Up, 21. Color de niño, tonalidad de inocencia, 22. Cayos Cochinos Honduras, Niño garifuna remando, 23. Humpback Whale Breach 100, 24. Swastika Jump, 25. Flower / White lotus flower / white flower / Natural light / nature / bw / B&W - , ハスの花, 莲花, گل لوتوس, Fleur de Lotus, Lotosblume, कुंद, 연꽃, - IMG_8268, 26. Yellow Flower - IMG_8490, 27. 071/365 Zonked, 28. Los perros de la noche, 29. Saving lives at birth, 30. To See The World . . ., 31. Happy Furry Friday :), 32. Antigua75

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