Saturday, May 21, 2011

"Imitate a Photo" Assignment

When we were working on shutter speed, our teacher sent out several examples of a completely black background with what looked like an illuminated heart or other shape in it. I had use google to figure out exactly what I was looking at.

The deal is that you set your camera shutter speed to something REALLY slow in a dark room with a flashlight in hand. I got the room set up, set my camera up on a tripod and put the camera in self timer mode. Then I acted like I was in Saturday Night Fever for a good 45 minutes trying to catch THE shot. It bugs me that I cannot make it dark enough that you cannot see the door back there but the effect is there overall. If my door weren't pure white, that may have been helpful as well... Here is an example of what I was "copying": 

Here is mine:

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