Sunday, May 22, 2011

POTD Day 58: My Day in Photographs

This is for my class again.. it is hard to keep up with all the assignments but I am doing it!
So this is really a mish mash of different things on different days but it all happens in my days! 

1. The alarm goes off a bit earlier than this on the weekdays but I push the snooze button. On this day, I got out of bed at this time 
2. During the week, I wake my daughter up to get ready for school... she is a "cozy sleeper"... 
3. I go and check on my garden each evening 
4. On Sundays, this is my "place" after I make breakfast and clean up the kitchen-I have my kindle (Sunday paper or, like today, a book-Catching Fire), my coffee, reading glasses and other stuff that I want to read. This chair is cozy and my sweet doggie lays on his bed in front of the fireplace that is nearby...He is on the cutting room floor for this one though. 

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