Sunday, June 5, 2011

POTD Day 67 Amigos!

I am so sad...I knew better, I really did. We all know not to "delete ALL from the card after transferring photos"..that would be horrible since you COULD lose all of those shots IF something went awry... :( So, today we met my dad and one of his childhood friends w/his GF for brunch at Salish Lodge. I took pictures of the motorcycle guys through the windshield until my daughter reminded me that I am not "teaching her good lessons" by doing so.. I took pictures of the Falls, the beads that the friends girlfriend made (for the Scavenger Hunt this week and they were so beautiful), the HUGE metal wheel embedded in cement (finding form for scavenger hunt) and a picture of my dad holding my daughter (since I love that and it maybe could have fit under the category "Front Page News" for the scavenger hunt). Sigh.... ONE photo got transferred so it is below. It was really bad...bright light through the windshield and all. But here it is. I ran an action on it (edge burn) and adjusted the brightness and levels and it is not great but there it is... Lesson learned... :(

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  1. Front page news is that Ed Buchwald is IN TOWN...