Tuesday, June 7, 2011

POTD Day 69: Brownies and Developing "Photographic Style"

These girls are sooo fun! We had our last meeting of the year today and had a little "feast", complete with fruit salad (each girl brought a fruit of their choice for it to represent how good we are together, sniff. ).

 I was thinking about me and the pictures I take of people. I do love getting the classic, "face the camera and smile" kind of shot. I also love to get people in the midst of the action (whatever action it may be... hombres, slip and slides, candymaking..WHATEVER). Candid shows more of what is really happening and then a different perspective, like maybe not even including the face, is unique and interesting. I am still formulating my photographic "style" by taking lots different photos, perusing flickr for inspiration, stalking other photographer blogs and just paying more attention in general. In looking at the brownies, they posed and immediately I saw peace signs and giggling, etc.. and then I made them be more serious. I like the first one better. They are much more natural-that is THEM.

How did you develop your photographic style? I would really like to know!


  1. J is rocking those plaid pants with that shirt! Way to go, J!

  2. Hey girl! I love it!! The door picture is my fav. :-) I hope you are having fun with that camera and I can't wait to see more pics.

  3. I especially like the one with the peace signs, the action adds some energy. :) What I love about photography is my style keeps evolving and I don't ever see that stopping. Shooting, experimenting, looking for inspiration, exactly what you're doing.