Wednesday, June 8, 2011

POTD Day 70: solar flare???

Ha! I have this shot, which I like but wish wasn't blurry, and made it the POTD since we had a little scare that the world may be exploding tonight. Let me explain...My daughter came running into the house from playing with her friends and breathlessly gets out, "Mom, is the world going to explode tonight? Jasmine said that it is and we will all wake up dead. She said that she saw it on CBS..have you seen it? Can I sleep in your bed so we can die together?"...Whew! I hadn't watched the news since this morning and nothing like this was on the Today show! She went on to explain that "Jasmine said" that there is a meteor and that astronauts are going up into space to try and take care of least now I had something to google "meteor 2011"...the only thing that it looked like it could have been was a solar flare but, thankfully, it is speculated to have "no significant effect on Earth". I get my bed to myself, YEAH!

and then, she {snapped}the long roadWordish Wednesday


  1. Sparks behind a skateboard remind me a little of a solar flare... g'night!

  2. wow this is so amazing! great photo!

    via Supermom
    Light Trigger

  3. Nope its June 15 for the lunar eclipse. Woof! I am so bored with predictions until I woofy realized that it is the "end only for some people and dogs" but not for everyone.

    Love your CSS!

  4. Very cool pic. Love what you selected to keep in color!

  5. Very cool! Love the black and white contrast with the orange flare.

  6. awesome shot! :) Love the tiny bit of color :) THanks for stopping by Crazy Daisy :) I also love your apply pictures, those are great. sorry blogger wouldnt let me log on today :p