Monday, June 13, 2011

POTD Day 75 Scootin' like dogs....

Today was the Sixth Grade was FABULOUS! The theme was "Minute to Win it" and there was food, games and time to hang with friends, get pics taken and sign yearbooks. Part of the time, I manned a game when a volunteer couldn't stay... the game entailed sitting on a little whiteboard/slate and scooting along the floor (no hands) and go around a cone and come back (as Tjaden said, "like dogs scooting on the carpet"...). For whatever reason, it was easy for some but not easy one little bit for others. This is J and S who are BFF and are really neat boys... smart, fun and can laugh at themselves...
Meet "J"-he TOOK OFF

Meet "S"-he has issues taking off. :(

You can kind of see how this went... again, "Poor S".. :(

Being the kind BFF that "J" is, he even took a rest so that "S" could catch up... 

He had a crack up session and still beat "S"... 

Great party...a few parents planned and coordinated and a lot helped and a whole lot donated stuff... 
I am linking up with the Creative Exchange since, technically, these pictures are not much to speak of-the lighting is horrible but I get a little soft hearted at the end of the year and will miss these young 'uns and got a good little set of shots of these two... 


  1. I remember these days!
    So much fun!!
    Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful photographs today at The Creative Exchange Heidi.

    Have a wonderful evening!


  2. wish Miss Buchwald had been my teacher, getting to do cool stuff like that. :)

  3. Looks like great fun! Been retired from teaching for a while now, but sometimes I miss my sixth-graders.