Sunday, June 12, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday and POTD Day 74

1. Long Exposure

2. Shapes-This door is from the rental house that I manage-circa 1910. I love old houses and all the little quirky features.. note the light switches... 

3. GREEN-HARVEST time!!! I pinched off a bit of rosemary to cook with-from my garden!!!!! 
4. Fruit-I couldn't decide... 

5. Childhood Memory-oh boy... here we go! So many things to note in this photo..let's just let it speak for itself, have a good laugh and choose not to tease... :) hehehe


  1. I really like the first shot for fruit and long exposure looks like fun

  2. Great vintage door and light switches.

  3. Your photography is fantastic! What was it in the first photo?

  4. Love your take on green and both fruit shots! Great set!

  5. Such a great set - love your take on fruit. And that long exposure is really neat too. Thanks so much for joining!

  6. The first photo is a ball with a light inside it floating around in liquified glitter. It is a TRIP since the light NEVER turns off. We were sitting on the porch having wine and kids were playing with this thing...