Saturday, July 23, 2011

Life Cycle of a Blogger Stage FOUR: Taking the plunge...

13. I have read enough of the photography blog stuff that I think that MAYBE I could do that too. I take a ton of pictures with my point and shoot camera already. I love the photos these people are taking and editing. My creativity has been buried a few layers in the last several years.. I need an outlet and to learn something but I don't want to spend a bunch more time away from my child doing it. I purchase the "big girl camera" and start my own blog.

14. The first title that pops into my head is "Heidi has a Hobby". CHEESY. But nothing else comes to mind. I can have a contest later to see if others can help me come up with a better name. My goal is to learn photography, document life now for my daughter (and I) to remember all the stuff that happens around here. I would love to give back to the photography blog community at some point. I have learned so much already from all these bloggers/photographers. I have nothing to contribute now though... besides updating family and friends on what is up here in our world...

15. I jump in with two feet with photography and blogging-I write anecdotes of life and about the pictures that I take. I think that I am very hilarious. :) I reflect on the photography part, start taking online photography classes and Photoshop Elements classes. I take my camera everywhere with me. I stay up too late at night downloading and editing pictures. I love it.

16. Banner? COOL banner!!!! I like it a lot.... made in PS Elements... I want to make one too-how fun is that?

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