Saturday, July 23, 2011

Life Cycle of a Blogger Stage THREE: Starting to get it...I think.

11.A Classroom blog! Goal: to take the place of a classroom webpage to post photos, activities, reminders.... This is a bit more interactive. Students could comment.... they have to subscribe though. It is so easy to update-way easier than making webpages and ftp ing them to a server and then making changes and saving and repeating a gazillion times. I have access to updating my classroom blog whenever I have online access.  I get that..I can use this type of blog.

12. I start subscribing to "blog advice" type blogs to further understand "linking up" and other concepts I don't really get. I am starting to see that the goal is to get more readers. Even if there is no product or service for sale being promoted. More readers.... however they are obtained.... this is a strong drive for many bloggers.

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