Friday, July 15, 2011

POTD Day 105: Weird flower but AHA moment...

I know that this is sort of a weird shot. To be honest, I didn't have a lot of inspiration for photography today.. I was getting a few projects done and shot this flower when I realized that I didn't have a POTD yet! I have been exposure challenged-all of my shots were turning out darker than I wanted them to be. I read a bunch of info from various sources and think that I get it now. I THOUGHT that I was supposed to aim for zero on my camera meter to show a perfect exposure. Naturally, since my shots were coming out dark, I began to "overexpose" a bit to compensate. I have read and think that I understand now, that the camera is reading all white as "middle gray" so everything darker than white is that much darker than it is supposed to really be. So, what I thought was overexposing was really the right thing to do unless I have a gray card. I do have some that were in an appendix of a book that I have and I tore them out but have not used them yet. The idea is that you focus on the gray card in the same light that you will be photographing in and THEN take the picture with "normal exposure". Then the camera sees GRAy as gray and everything else will follow. Does everybody already know this? I sure didn't but am glad that I do now. I will have to read more about using the gray cards but for now the overexposure route seems to be working. This shot had NO levels adjustment or even light adjustment... usually I do need to do that.

More inspiration tomorrow I am sure.. we are going to meet some friends in Portland and stay in a hotel and go to the POrtland Zoo. FUN! See you on Sunday my peeps! xoxo

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  1. Don't you love those a-ha moments :O) Yes, I do overexpose one tick to the positive. The gray card is also great with your white balance. Make sure you read how to get your camera to do custom WB when using your gray card. This is great SOOC!