Sunday, July 17, 2011

POTD Day 106: Guest photographer

My daughter is BEGINNING to dabble in photography and blogging. It is quite cute actually. I like these two shots that she took... not sure when they were taken but you can again see her sense of fashion! We call those shoes her "pretty shoes"... especially lovely with thick, striped socks. :)

PS We just returned from Portland. We went to the zoo today since it was raining yesterday. Guess what? It was pouring down rain today too-possibly worse than yesterday. Our friends' kids were done a little bit earlier than J and I were but we were all absolutely soaked to the bone. BUT, we did get to see the elephants party in the weather-it was so fun to see. They were trumpeting and skipping around and the little 3 yr old 3000 lb guy even rolled around in the mud and squirted himself off with his trunk! Overall, a very fun trip to see our friends, stay in a hotel and go to the zoo. I couldn't get my camera out since I was worried about getting it wet! :(

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