Friday, August 26, 2011

High Five to Gretchen of Scattered Focus!

Gretchen of Scattered Focus entered a great capture of a fuzzy thing that I will probably be in my is probably not as scary in real life but it just looks like he is coming for Gretchen when she is getting a photo of him-EEEK!

Grab a button from my "Buttons for You" page Gretchen-and congrats!!!


  1. OMG-oodnes!! Thank you so much!! I'm sorry if the fuzzy lil' guy gives you nightmares... I thought he was kind of cute! =P

  2. Nahhh..that little guy IS cute.. I just have a phobia (minor) of caterpillars and that guy has BIG "hair" and in macro looks big. It really was a nice shot.