Wednesday, August 3, 2011

POTD Day 123: Skin Edit is difficult to edit skin! I paid for a PhlearnPro online tutorial (I paid 9.99 but it is now 19.99 like most of his tutorials-they go half price when he first rolls em out I think...). It is always good for me to watch someone do that actual steps... he uses PhotoShop and I have Elements but there were only a few things that I couldn't do because of that. He goes a bit fast and, since I was editing a photo using the steps as he went, I did a lot of stopping and starting.

I am posting my before and after shots but please don't judge too harshly.... my most difficult issue in the whole thing was making accurate selections (ie Eyebrows!)... he uses a pressure sensitive touchpad (ie tablet)...balancing the "blur versus skin texture" was also tricky... my favorite parts of the edit are the eyebrows and the eyes-they are a little brighter and slightly lighter (looking more brown than almost black)...


Post Phlearn Tutorial:


  1. What gorgeous big brown eyes...what you have done is great!

  2. It was a first attempt... practice will make better! :) The eyes thing is simply making a layer and painting white on the eyeballs and then making it an overlay.. great effect!

  3. This is very exciting. Once you have perfected the techniques, I can hire you to touch up all my photo's, turning me into the flawless eye candy that I know I can be.

  4. Lori-you are flawless eye candy girl! You should have seen the transformation that guy made on the photo he was editing-he even changed the structure of her face a bit, etc... I just like knowing what tools are out there...