Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Time to Hollah!!!

It is that time again-time for the, "Hump Day Hollah!".

For those that are not hip to the scene (like me, who had to call a few friends for guidance on appropriate use of the word...), "Hollah!" is a an enthusiastic greeting or amplified expression (definitions by urbandictionary.com and hollah.com....). What better way to greet the day that brings us halfway through the week than to Hollah!?

The challenge is nothing more than to send in a favorite photograph that you took, preferably this week so far but anything is really fine, and submit here for your chance to win... yes.... a highly sought after "High Five from Heidi"! Photos will be judged by myself or friends or neighborhood kids or whoever drives by my house as I drink wine on my porch on Friday night (winners may be posted on Sat. morning-see "drink wine on porch section of post"). ***Linky will open on Tuesday night sometime and close at 11:59 on Friday night.

Here are some guidelines:

1. Anyone can participate using any camera-edit or not.

2. Try to take the photo this week but I will not be policing this-I just like a little no pressure/no stress uplift halfway through the week..bring on whatever you can!

3. Link up here-that means to grab a "Hump Day Hollah!" button for your post and then add your post to the list below.

4. Leave a Hollah! (enthusiastic greeting/amplified expression) for other participants because, doggonit, it is affirming and fun and interactive.


  1. i tried to link up but it wasn't working?? after i chose the thumbnail it says "oops something went wrong".

  2. Hmmm..try it now... I just tried it and it worked (linkytools was SUPER slow when I went to recopy the code though)... Thanks for "hollahing"! :)

  3. Hi Heidi, linking up for the first time :)
    have a great day!

  4. You too Ewa-thanks for heading over here!

  5. What no picture this week from you?! =P

  6. Totally called out by Gretchen! I was tired last night (let the violins play now...). :) Here is my entry .. :) Thanks for playing the "HDH" Gretchen! I love that macro shot!

  7. Grace-I had that same issue you did when I uploaded my shot. For some reason, uploading from a file worked (for the thumbnail) when uploading from the web did NOT. :( Weird...