Thursday, September 1, 2011

LONG line o' students!

I have thirty students right now. Two were absent today and they were all very sweet but that is a LOT of kids! We were walking back from somewhere today and the line just kept on coming... it took up about half the hallway and looked really neat and orderly. I didn't have my camera at the moment so, later in the afternoon, we took a "walk" outside.. I had them follow the leader around the courtyard a bit to try and recreate that everlasting line o' students. I did a slight color burn since I think it makes the photo look cool. I say "Two Thumbs up!" on the new recruits-we had a great day and I will go back tomorrow. I love my job!!!

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  1. Love it! I got a new one for Tuesday, but I also lost two, or I would be at 30. Yikes! Do we spray non-stick Pam on them to shimmy them into the rooms? ;) Cute pic!

  2. Wow, I always had big classes, but they were high school kids so I only had them for about 50 minutes! I don't know how you do it!! Great photo, though. Have a great school year!