Friday, October 7, 2011

POTD Day 177: Stylin' Students..

I think I have a thing about shoes. I love them! This kid comes in with Converse that match whatever color outfit she has on that day. I told her that I wanted to photograph all of them before the year is over!  Here is the first one. 

The students were all meeting in small groups around the room so I took my BGC and snapped away. I love the nails and the shoes and the body language. I could have photoshopped out the dirty shoe bottom but I want to show reality! :)

I just liked the design of her hair.


  1. Love seeing the style of your kids! Gotta see what my kids are going to be wanting here over the next few years! =P Fun captures!

  2. Great captures. they are styling.. I have shoes like the first picture :P