Saturday, October 8, 2011

POTD day 178: my girl walkin'

ABOUT 15 years ago, I was in Boston visiting my mom and she took my brother and I to Blue Man Group. I had never heard of them before. All she would tell me is that "some people have to wear a poncho for the show". ??? I LOVEd the creativity, the marriage of technology and art and just the wackiness of it all. I even looked up going to see them in Vegas a few years ago since there are cheap flights there frequently. But the cost of the ticket made the whole venture cost prohibitive for me. So, when  I heard they were coming to Seattle, I bought tickets asap for my daughter and I. It was such a great show! An added bonus was that I was sort of chosen out of the audience... they have these marquis reader board things that they pretend are having a conversation with each other. They must get names of audience members who order tickets online or something.. anyway, the very first person whose name was on there was MINE. It said something like, "Heidi Buchwald is in our midst and has won a gold medal in curling.. Heidi Buchwald, please stand up (I am DYING and telling the guy sitting next to me that I am too shy to actually stand up but that that is ME)".. the marquis goes on to say that "Heidi Buchwald has won a gold medal in curling.. please give a cheer to Heidi Buchwald".. okay, so they misspelled my name and said, Bushwald but it was ME...There is a 2600 seat theater and they called ,my name.. why couldn't it have been the lottery or something? :)

My daughter and I walked around at Freeway Park after the show and I got this shot of her strolling..she HAD to bring that blasted Justice bag with her to the show.. god forbid it sits in the car... (she had just purchased a Halloween shirt with her saved up allowance money along with glow in the dark nail polish..girl knows how to party..).


  1. So cool! And I didn't even know you were into curling..

  2. Lovely shot.. I had no idea you were into curling either! :)

  3. When did she turn 16? What a cute pic and cute little girl! Can't wait to get a Justice bag of my very own. :)