Tuesday, December 20, 2011

POTD Day 228-236 More Elementary School Holiday Happenings...


Teammates on maternity leave come back to visit with babies... LOVE!

Teammate who left on maternity leave and never came back. Don't LOVE.. Loved seeing her though and that little 2 yr old Carson running laps around the audience...

Parties in the afternoon... I had my teammate across the hall "babysit" for a few min. while I went down to snap a few shots of my girl and her class... this is 2 of J's good buds who are in her class and in her Brownie troop..this one focuses on "A".

Focus on "C"

My girl and Annette (A's mom and my friend and she works in my classroom as our ROE instructor)!

Third graders.. one of em is the sib of one of my students and she. cracks. me. up. And another is moving away over the break..he is a sweetie and made J a cute little scarf/neck wrap thing for xmas!!!

Post party-this is how the "big kids" party.. it was CIDER don't worry!!!

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