Saturday, January 21, 2012

Icegeddon, Comcastegeddon, Meltageddon.....

POTD Day 308-Camera Strap "Cozy" that I made when I was in my house for one week straight

I began writing this post 2 days ago, sitting in Starbucks to use their wi-fi and was having problems so just figured I would wait the few hours (haha) for my Internet access to restore. Here I am 2 days later-2 days doesn't sound like a long time for no tv and no Internet but it felt like it was. I was trying so hard to follow what I was asking my 9 yr old daughter to do: appreciate that we never lost power and LOTS of others did, read, do projects, get some chores done, call friends and focus on what is really important in life! The truth is, I use the Internet more than I realized. It is so nice to go to google and put in a few ingredients and type "recipe" and so many options come up. My daughter was talking about wanting to take a dance class. Normally, we would go to the Internet to find all the options in the area for dance class. You know what I am saying... anyway, it is hard to believe that I lived half my life NOT using the Internet and NOT having a cell phone. Moment of appreciation. I really do seriously appreciate that we never lost power and have no downed trees on my house, in my yard, blocking roads in our neighborhood, etc.. But I am SO happy to have the Internet back. I won't see my daughter for half the day though since she about DIED not seeing her shows. I have  LOT of photos to share though!!!

Above is the camera strap cover that I made when I was Internetless. I have had the fabric for a LONG time! During the storm, at one point, I went down to Erica's house and visited her while she worked on her items for sale... she was sewing and it made me want to get my machine back out. My machine will have its own photoshoot sometime-it is OLD, avocado green and goes only backwards and forwards. It has been very reliable. I used to make clothing when I was younger and used it a lot. It has been collecting dust in the last few years though. Anyway-this is my first attempt-it isn't perfect but I still like it. Ahh....loving being back online and blogging!!!

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