Wednesday, January 18, 2012

POTD Day 302-307 Snowmeggedon!

Here is day three of the snow days. Tonight, we get to know ahead of time that tomorrow we stay home again. I am getting stuff done and trying not to get stir crazy... Here are some happenings from our day today:

Lalie came over...we tried to create a funny picture...

Then I just took a few snow shots of our backyard...snow is so pretty and bright. 

At some point I called Erica and expressed my concern that I hadn't left the house in a few days.. I went down there while she sewed. I took a few photos, yakked with her, played Angry Birds and just had a fun, laid back time..Her pincushion is pretty.. she made it-she made me one for xmas and she would make one for you too if you wanted to buy one from her. 

 Lalie was removing icicles from the trees outside and found that, on one of the bushes, that each leaf had its own icicle imprint. She brought one in-I tried to get a cool shot of it before her little hands froze off. Nature is cool!

I keep grouping a bunch of POTD together since I have skipped so many and trying to make up for it. I am also just really into taking photos right now and have a lot of time to do it so why not? 

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