Tuesday, January 17, 2012

POTD Days 297-301: Snow day and report card avoidance.

SNOW DAY!!! Home all day.. I corrected a few papers and then took a nap. Then, while J was outside with her friend, I watched Crazy, Stupid Love and sort of fell asleep so, technically, that is another nap. Then, the girls came in and I made them some popcorn.... I thought about report cards while I was making the popcorn. 

 then, she {snapped}

Then, I wanted to take some photos so we posed the American Girl dolls and played a bit... all the while, THINKING about report cards.. I want to have the behavior section and most of the content areas completed before going back to school. Doing freaky edits is a great distraction from doing report cards (so is doing laundry and cleaning the house!). 

The girls watched some tv and Hogan hung out with them. You know how that gets me right here...he loves his Lalie! 

More play with the dollies...
Dolls given to J by the D'Angelos... Mary cut their hair when she was a young un and also painted the nails on some (with White out?)...


  1. Cool pictures. Love your comments about report cards! I am a teacher too and had several of the same thoughts today, although we didn't have a snow day :(!

  2. Oh my, bless you heart. I don't envy you one bit. I hate how much teachers end up having to work at home, considering what they are paid it seems so unfair. Love the last photo! My oldest has done all kinds of funky things to her dolls. It must be a right of passage. Thanks for linking up!! (no prob that you linked up twice - seriously.) can't wait to see your photos next week!!