Tuesday, January 17, 2012

POTD Day 296: Texture Tuesdays

Ha! It is 12:38 a.m. on a schoolnight. It has snowed all weekend here and we suspect that there will be a late start or, maybe even, no school tomorrow. I really did try to go to sleep and my mind was going... we have report cards to do and I didn't get as much done this weekend toward completing those as I had hoped I would. So...I got up to obsessively check the school emergency notices get a few online tasks done. :) 

I decided to join in Kim Klassen's Texture Tuesday this week. The deal is to add one of the textures that she creates to a photo. This week's prompt is "story". My story is that I cannot go to sleep so I played with my photos and textures at an ungodly time of day... :) I used the "KK evolve" texture. 

Please go check out what Kim has going on-she is an artist and gives away a texture each week that she has made.. she teaches online classes on using PSE and the classes and the textures are REALLY fab. This photo is just of branches with snow on them but I am drawn to the color contrast...I will really pay the price for this middle of the night nonsense tomorrow if we go to school at the regular time. :( Off to turn my pajamas inside out and put a spoon under my pillow (these make it so it will snow...if you believe that is...). 


  1. What a pretty image, I really like the colors - red looks so beautiful with snow!
    Hopefully you are not too tired in the morning (or can sleep late while it's snowing outside...). I've paid the price of some middle of the night nonsense SO many times. But, what else can you do, you have to have some me-time every so often.

  2. Love your image and texture work, beautiful. Hope it snowed!

  3. LOL!! Have also heard you're supposed to flush two ice cubes down the toilet! AND the pjs are inside out AND backwards. Nice work with adding texture... looks good! Hope you got a late start!!!

  4. @Gretchen-that is hilarious! @everyone-thanks for the kind words!!!

  5. The snow on the red branches is lovely! Love those snow days!

  6. gorgeous! love the vintage effect. love your little blurb in your blog header, too! =)

    i came to your blog via kk's texture tuesday... trying to see all the entries. and i'm following, now, too!