Monday, January 16, 2012

POTD Day 292-295 Snowy day....

I went upstairs to change the laundry and here is what my girl was doing.. Note the reading log there with a pencil ready to record the exact minutes read. She puts it in her bed at night when she reads so she gets it documented asap before sleeping. She cracks me up sometimes...okay, a lot of the time...

Sweet Shot Day
I made a bulletin board for our new office area! I knew I wanted an inspiration board of some kind and then saw a roll of cork at Fred Meyer one time. There was no price indicated but the cashier told me it was 4 cents since it was discontinued. Then, when I unrolled the cork, I realized that it was way skinny-too skinny to be a cork board. So I bought some styrofoam board stuff to go behind it. Then, I found a canvas stretcher frame thingie and bought fabric just this weekend. It needs adornment of some kind in place of the thumbtacks.... I will have to find the just right way to deal with that area... I was going to paint the frame but decided that I wanted to cover it with fabric (knowing I could remove it if I didn't like it). 

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