Friday, October 12, 2012

POTD Day 10: The Bieb's Concert

Yes, I did it... I spent insane amounts of money to take my daughter to the Justin Bieber concert. I had just refinanced my house and didn't need to make a mortgage payment for a month and for some reason thought about taking her to her first concert. I looked up different artists, including the Biebs. It happened that, if you spent $100 on a JB fan club membership, you could get tickets to the Tacoma show. I pulled the trigger. Little did I know how many huge fans were vying for tickets and that it was a big deal that I was able to get seats to the show at all.

Julia and Megan made signs (for both JB and Carli Rae Jebson) but then we found out the day before that no signs were allowed in. We did a little photo shoot in the parking lot before going in to the estrogen fueled chaos inside the Tacoma Dome.

The crowd was mostly OLDER teens..I thought it would be more of the younger set (although there were lots of younger ones as well). Our girls were in stimulus overload (and also tired due to the late hour, all the build up and the energy expenditure of getting there, waiting in lines, etc...). They were tentatively bouncing with the crowd to the music at first and then threw the shyness away and danced when they darn well felt like it. VERY cute!

I have to say, the Biebs put on a great show. I couldn't take my camera in so all photos are with a cell phone :(

Count down started at 10 min. All females screamed bloody murder at the turn of every was THE moment he was to begin!!

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