Saturday, January 21, 2012

POTD Day:309-310 I have a Dream

I had so many ways I could have taken this prompt. I originally had the idea that I ended up going with (see below). BUT, since we had "state of emergency" level storms here and missed four days of school and were stuck in the house for over a week, I got a little sarcastic/bitter/inappropriate edgy. I will show you ONE of the "edgy" ideas:

>>I have a dream that, in the 8 inches of snow that started to melt and then freeze up, creating a layer of crunchy "owchy" icy ick on top of it, that my dog would be able to resist pooping in my daughter's room and get over his aversion to his 7 in long Miniature Schnauzer legs being crunched and squooshed into that 8 inch deep, cold mess and poop OUTSIDE. My dream came true! Note the HUGE area of white, unaltered, snow beauty and then..... the poop!!! (See it? It is in the top rightish corner of the snowy part of the yard...). I decided that this idea would be in bad taste and that I should NOT post it. So I went with something else. >>>

Another direction I COULD have gone was in the area of having a dream to have Internet access once again, as well as television access during the time that my daughter (who I love with all my heart and is the only person that I know of that I really could be alone in a house for 7 days straight with no breaks from each other) and I had so much "togetherness" time. I wouldn't have felt good about that idea since, the whole "I have a Dream" theme is to honor someone very important, who dared to step where most others wouldn't. He even lost his life in the midst of it. that vein, I went with my REAL "I have a Dream" idea. 

I have a blogging dream to "give back" to the blogging community from which I have received so much. There are some amazing, talented and communicative people out there who make up an awesome community of sharing photography. I have learned so much about photography, blogging, Photoshop Elements and Lightroom (and more) from them and am infinitely appreciative of that. My official photo that represents this for me is the one that I refer to in my first tutorial (next post!) about "cropping" images. 

project 52 p52 weekly photo challenge

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