Sunday, August 28, 2011

POTD Day 148: Crackle...

I have been in a sort of a photographic funk lately...feeling like I am snapping shots of the same stuff all the time.. sigh. I guess we all go up and down with that...right? Guys? Right? RIGHT? :) I suffer from the "I feel a bit shy to do what it takes to get THE shot" laying down in my BFF's front yard to get the photo of this cutie flower makes me say a "woot! woot!".. I added Kim Klassen's newest texture: KKcrackerjack..I likey...

Happy Birthday to Erica!


  1. I likey too! Thanks for helping celebrate my birthday!

  2. Gorgeous - the texture is really pretty.

  3. Gorgeous! Sometimes you just gotta lay down! I get in funks too... this past month has been hard. Hoping the change in schedule helps to bring motivation back!! =P